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Art, history and travel are the passions that most influence my painting. Colors bring me joy, nature brings me peace and culture broadens my perspective. I was born in Africa, grew up in Europe and continue to find new places to explore. Life is full of amazing sights that provide constant inspiration.  Today, I call  the Monterey Peninsula my home and there is no place I would rather be.


About Me

Painting is an emotional process so every time I pick up my paint brush I'm initially nervous, then excited and finally at peace.  When I look at a landscape, the sky, or an object, I always think of how it would translate onto canvas. Each artist sees the world in a different way. Sometimes, I'm drawn to the abstract and other times I want to see how close I can come to the real thing. The world is filled with colors and I never get tired of finding beautiful pottery, gorgeous textiles and amazing home designs for inspiration.
I've had some wonderful influences in my life and I feel so fortunate for all my blessings. I hope you enjoy my art!

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